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Camps Overview

What about the Staff?

Each coach, athlete or volunteer worker has been hand-picked by FCA Hockey staff for their skill, training, character and faith. All Staff and Huddle Leaders are screened thoroughly by FCA which includes a background check.

Each Camp Staff, volunteer, athlete, and coach is trained by the FCA Hockey Camps Director on ethics, discipline and what is acceptable and what is not. This training includes safety & emergency response as well.

We have current and previous college and professional athletes and coaches all of which excel at what they do and the sport they love. We are committed to providing your child with top notch training both on & off the ice. They will be pushed physically, mentally, and spiritually. Most of all though they will have fun and they will learn that they are loved by God. 



People are talking!

"I cannot begin to tell you how awesome the camp was for them. They left the last day of camp just as excited about God as they are for hockey! I was really impressed with the quality of the training as well. It is always great for the boys to see that God goes with every part of their life including the sport they love to play. Thanks again for answering God's call with this ministry and I can honestly say my boys are already looking forward to next year."

 Jeremy – Westminster

Why send your child to an FCA Hockey Camp?

At FCA Hockey, we are passionate about developing the whole athlete (Mind, Body, and Spirit). On the ice, we focus on your child and what they need to work on specifically. We do not run through systemized drills, but instead bring in high level coaches to teach your child according to their unique skill development needs. Off the ice, we are concerned about your athlete not only being the best athlete they can be, but also the best person. We invest in them mentally fighting to improve their confidence and consistency. We take the time to show them what the next level looks like, explain how athletes get there, and encourage them to take those steps for themselves. We also invest in them spiritually helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and teaching them how to be strong, passionate Christian athletes. At FCA Hockey, it is our goal to share our love for hockey and Jesus Christ in a way that is meaningful and impactful, so every athlete walks away a better and stronger young man or woman. We hope your child will join us this summer!