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Advisory Services


FCA Hockey Advisors was launched to ASSIST Families as they navigate the DEVELOPMENT PATH OF junior, college, and pro hockey system

Our mission is two fold:

First, to provide a support network to families as they navigate the confusing world of junior hockey, sharing knowledge while reducing stress and anxiety. We understand that key transitions can be both intimidating and discouraging, and most likely create a stressful time for you and your family. You want the best hockey scenario, social, academic, cost effective, and spiritual environment for your player. This service was born after assisting many families, just like yours, during this transition period, by providing positive, encouraging and inspired council during this overwhelming time.

Secondly, our desire is to continue to invest in Christian families, both players and parents as they progress throughout the season. Our commitment to “Impact the Hockey World for Jesus Christ” involves discipling both players and parents, so that they feel confident and supported in a world where they often feel alone. Partnering with you the parent, we feel we can strengthen your son’s spiritual foundation by providing advice, support, and mentorship to their faith walk.

Our expert staff loves hockey but we love Jesus Christ even more, and we love to see future junior, college and pro hockey players glorify the Lord with their talents and abilities.

If you are interested in starting this dialogue with us, please complete the enclosed player questionnaire and include as much personal information as possible. Over the coming weeks, we will be in contact with you to discuss if you are a good candidate for our service.

The advisory service packages are broken down into 2 different options, differentiated by the amount of support we provide you.  Both options are free of charge, however, if you are able to make a tax deductible donation, it would be greatly appreciated.  Recommended donation amounts are listed with each package as a guide to assist you as well as to provide you an idea of what other services are charging for a similar service (without the faith based component). Portions of your donation are tax deductible (everything above the fair market value). Once we have received and processed your information, we will contact you via email or phone within 3 business days to discuss the potential next steps.

Both of our packages are designed to put your athlete in the best possible environment to succeed in life. We get many requests for Division 1 placement, and have helped many players achieve this goal of reaching Division 1 over the past several years; however, playing Division 1 hockey may not be the best option or environment for your athlete. Together, we will collaborate and coach you on the best environment for your athlete to highlight their skills so they can grow mentally, spiritually, gain confidence in their hockey career and boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, we want the best environment for their talents and abilities to shine, so they can glorify the Lord at whatever level they play at.

We offer two levels of advisory packages:

Transition Package

Designed to help transition a player into the right hockey level, league or team. This plan will include many of the following items:

  • Objective assessment of current hockey ability and realistic expectations. 
  • Evaluation of current on ice and off ice strengths and weaknesses. 
  • In depth discussions of player’s future goals, ability and potential development steps.
  • Establishing realistic goals and expectations.
  • Identification and connection to teams that meet those specific goals and objectives.
  • Potential Introductions to Junior, College, and or Pro Coaches that can help achieve the desires level
  • Tryout invitations to camps and programs that fit players goals
  • Video review, and or personal visit to games or practices to assess skill level
  • On and off ice tryout preparation game plan
  • Visual Imagery training

Suggested Recommended Donation $1,500.00 (not expected but appreciated)

(Fair Market Value (FMV) of this program is $750, so everything above this amount is tax deductible)



In Season Package

This package is designed to assist a player over the course of the entire year to reach his full potential both on and off the ice. This plan may include many of the below items:

  • Includes items in the transition package listed above
  • 30 minute monthly huddles with advisor
  • Discounts on FCA Camps and Tournament Teams
  • Off ice player development game plan
  • Suggested training methods and skill development
  • Specific invites to FCA Player Advisors Camp to be hosted when new arena is finished
  • In season mental skills training program
  • In season Bible study mentorship program

Suggested Recommended Donation $3,000.00 (not expected but appreciated)

(Fair Market Value of this program is $1,500, so everything above this amount is tax deductible)



* A limited number of spots are available for each package, therefore all players who apply will not be accepted.
 ** Donations can be paid either in a one time amount (preferred) or monthly by joining the Automatic Monthly Partners or (AMP) program.  Only the amount given over the FMV is tax deductible.