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Welcome to the FCA Hockey Online Store!

We are super excited to be able to share the "FCA Hockey Warrior" painting with our supporters!  Below is the story behind the painting, written and painted by former pro and college hockey player Mike Wills.  To see more of Mike's work, visit his website at

"When I was commissioned to paint the “FCA Hockey Warrior” painting, it was important to me to capture the spiritual and emotional warrior as well as the physically warrior. It was also important to me to capture the true essence of what a FCA Hockey warrior is in life. A spiritual warrior that is committed to prayer, discipleship, and excellence. A spiritual warrior that understands the power of prayer and spiritual battles are happening every second of everyday. I wanted to paint the FCA Warrior as an emotionally determined warrior, one that is following his warrior King, he is focused on his eternal vision, and determined to complete His spiritual mission, his eyes are focused on eternity, disciplined, determined, committed, and fierce. Because of his commitment to Christ, after his battle when the crowd has gone home, he speaks of love, peace, gentleness, joy, and self control. When others talk about him they say he is patient yet determined, because his power come from Jesus, not in people or possessions. The shield represents the protection of God. The cross on his chest represents the sacrifice Jesus made, and the hockey stick represents the sword of the Spirit, because a warrior needs his sword and his sword is his bible and stick. When I was painting the stick, I felt like it was representing God’s Spirit and gentle guidance, like in John16:13 where Jesus told His disciples that He would not leave them to fend for themselves, but He would provide another Guide".

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“However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth, for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak, and He will tell you things to come”

 I knew from the beginning of this project that I wanted to put him in the shadows versus at center ice with lots of light on him, I wanted to put the warrior coming out as an illustration. Carpe Diem, with the smoke of battle coming from his attitude. He is a ready to conquer, but not conquer in the true sense of conquer as most would see it. The FCA Hockey warrior competes to conquer because they know the power of Scripture, they are hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak, and faithful for those who need some faith, and confident when others doubt under pressure. The FCA Hockey warrior competes to conquer, not to show man that they are better, but to show the world how God is using them, so they can glorify Him. I know from camps and clinics and being around FCA Hockey that are our calling is much bigger than our performance, but our performance is a reflection of our amazing Creator. Therefore, the results of my efforts, must result in His glory.

So I wanted to paint a Warrior that was strong, committed and determined to follow his warrior King, Jesus. I wanted to make sure he was intense and battle ready. That's why the head is slightly tilted, he has been praying, but his step is heavy because he wants to battle and win, but battle and win for the Glory of Christ, to prove is rank and title in God’s army, his King.

The “FCA Hockey Warrior” is equipped for spiritual battle on and off the ice. His preparedness is unbridled in love, courage, hope, faithfulness, accountability, patience, and self control.

We are a spirit and soul warrior that is committed to prayer and living a life filled with the love of Jesus like no other athlete on the planet. 

Mike Wills