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IHL-B League Format

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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IHL-B League Format

20 Game Season (17 regular season games, 3 playoff games) All games are on Thursday Nights

8 Total Teams   (Two-4 Team Divisions)

Augsburg Division (4 teams) plays most their games at Augsburg Arena

Edina Division (4 teams) plays most their games at Mn Made Arena

Regular Season (17 games)

You will play each team in your division 3 times (9 games), and each team in the other division twice, one at home, one away (8 games). The away games against the other division teams will be played on the other rink (4 of the 17 regular season games).

Playoffs (3 games)   8 Team Single Elimination Format

Season Starts Tuesday October 24, 2019  Ends March 26, 2020

IHL-B Ice Times

Thursday Augsburg Division at Augsburg Arena (Minneapolis)

Ice Times are back to back, Game start times vary.

1st Ice Time most start times are from 8:55-9:15pm                                           2nd Ice Time most start times are from 10:15-10:30pm                                              March Ice Time starts are about an hour earlier

Thursday Edina Division Game Times at Mn Made Ice Arena

9:10-10:20 and 10:30-11:40     or     7:50-9:00 and 10:00-11:10

Idle Dates  We will not have games during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

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Please feel free to contact Mike Diko with any questions you have about the FCA Integrity Hockey League in Minneapolis Mn.  or  612-859-4488