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Meet the Staff

Bobby Robins

Sometimes the Lord uses the most unlikely of people to do his will. In this case, a hard-headed kid from the Northwoods of Wisconsin who fought his way to the NHL, bloody knuckles and all.  

My name is Bobby Robins. 

I’m a former professional hockey player. I hold an interesting NHL record. In 2014 I became the oldest rookie to ever make an NHL Opening Day Roster at 32 years old. I stepped on the ice as a Boston Bruin after nine seasons, 500 games in the minor leagues, and 150 pro hockey fights. 

Blood, sweat, and tears lined my path to the NHL. Literally.

I had just reached the top of the world and achieved my childhood dream of playing in the NHL. Everything looked great on the exterior. But inside I was scared, lost, addicted, and Godless. I didn’t want any part of any thing that God was offering. I rejected him and put my faith in my self, my ambition, and my strength. 

God certainly has a way of humbling the proud and working everything for our good.  

After only 3 games in the NHL, a concussion ended my career. My life quickly spiraled into a dark pit of Post-Concussion Syndrome, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, destruction, and almost suicide. 

I relied on my strength and determination to get me through anything my whole life, but I didn’t have any of that left. All that was left was darkness. 

It was in this place that Jesus Christ intervened in my lost life and gave me new life. I picked up a Bible and told myself that it wasn’t true, but that I’d read it because it’s relevant in literature and society. Wow, what patience, mercy, and grace God has! 

Slowly as I read through the Gospel, the Lord began to soften my heart and open my eyes to his truth. It was a hard progression that went something like this: this isn’t true, this might actually be true, imagine if this were true, what does this mean if this is true, then one day, BOOM! I literally felt the blinders lift off my eyes.  

God showed me he is real. He showed me my sin. I saw how desperately I needed him. 

I called out to him. And he heard me. And he saved me. 

I gave my life to the Lord in October 2016 and it has been an incredible experience ever since. God has been using me mightily to spread his Good News and seek and save the lost. Now I understand why he made me a hockey player, and why he gave me all the gifts and talents that he did. 

Before I got saved, I believed that I had fought my way to the NHL by my own strength and will. But now I know that God let me play in the NHL to serve a greater purpose, which is to minister to a lost hockey culture that desperately needs Jesus Christ. 

That’s my mission now.  

I gave my life to Christ and asked, “how to you want to use me Lord? Please use me any way that you want. Please give me the strength to be faithful to your call.” 

He called me to Discipleship and Sports Ministry with FCA Hockey. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hockey. What an incredible opportunity to impact lives and souls on an eternal ice rink. I have a deep desire to spread the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forward. God is using this evangelistic gift that he has given me to reach people who don’t yet know the Lord.  

I’m giving my life in service to the Lord to serve the hockey community as a Domestic Missionary with FCA Hockey. I have a beautiful wife, Samantha, and a five-year-old little girl named Liberty, and our family is so excited to start this next chapter of our lives in Sports Ministry with FCA Hockey.  

We are ready to go ALL IN. 

I wish that I had something like this or someone like me back when I was a young hockey player chasing that hockey dream. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so lost and broken. Maybe I wouldn’t have made all those terrible decisions. Maybe I wouldn’t have lived my life steeped in sin and rebellion against God. Maybe things would have been different. 

I want to be that role model and mentor now. I want to be the face of Christ and show what it looks like to live a life in obedience to the will of God. When the hockey players of the world see that in me, they will know that the transformation could have only come from God. Now it is my job and duty to bring them to that place where they can know God too and have their lives transformed, sins forgiven, and souls saved. 

Will you invest in my ministry and become a member of my team? 

I’m building a team of donors and supporters around me and we are going to make an eternal impact on the hockey world. The hockey world is never going to be the same!

I look forward to personally speaking with you and growing in our faith and blessings together as we fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus left us with over 2000 years ago.

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 

There are so many coaches and players in the hockey world who need to know about Jesus and the salvation that he offers us. 

I’m going in faith and I’m telling them. 

Please contact me to learn more about how you can partner with me and become my teammate, as we fight the Good Fight of the faith together, and forever change the hockey world. 

To become a donor, follow the link below or contact me so we can talk more about my ministry and what God is doing in the hockey world.

God Bless and Praise the Lord,

Bobby Robins


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Rick Randazzo
Director, Ice Hockey

 As FCA Hockey director, Rick is excited to be working at all levels of hockey to “Ignite the hockey world for Christ”. He sees great potential at all levels of hockey: youth, high school, collegiate, professional and amateur adult. Rick also sees great opportunities to help coaches become better leaders for their teams.

Hockey Career

  • Rick grew up skating on frozen ponds in Buffalo, NY
  • High School: St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, Two-time All Catholic selection, 2 Time National Champion
  • College: United States Military Academy, 1989-1993, 4-years NCAA Division 1, on West Point’s all-time top scoring list. Rick served 6 years on active duty as a US Army Calvary officer and Airborne Ranger
  • Head Coach, United States Naval Academy, 1999-2007, 120 wins in 8 years 
  • Director, FCA Hockey, 2008→


  • Rick married Shannan (his high school dream date) in 1989.
  • They have 5 children: the oldest is 19 and the youngest is 5.

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Scott Wagner
North Carolina Area Representative, FCA Hockey Director of Camps Ministry

Scott has a passion and a calling to help reach the hockey world with the love of Jesus. His ministry focus is organizing and developing the Camps and Clinics to their fullest potential, with the goal of reaching and equipping each generation of hockey players with the good news of God's Son Jesus Christ.

Hockey Career
  • Level 4 certified coach with USA Hockey
  • Youth hockey coach
  • Facilitator in Raleigh for: FCA Adult Hockey pick-up | FCA Hockey Huddle group
  • Christian Cup Organizer
  • Volunteer Coach at multiple camps across the country


Scott gave his heart to Jesus at 12 years old in a Methodist Church in Westmoreland, NY
 Attended Houghton College, upstate, NY

  • US ARMY Infantry, 1991 – 1993 (Ft Benning, GA; Ft Leonard Wood, MO; Ft Ord, CA; Hohenfels, Germany)
  • US ARMY Aviation, 1993 – 2002 (Ft Rucker, AL; Ft. Drum, NY; Ft Stewart, GA; Camp Comanche, Bosnia)
  • OH-58D Maintenance Test Pilot Civilian, 2005- 2012, (Savannah, GA; Ft Bragg, NC)
  • FCA Hockey volunteer, 2009 – present


  • Married to college sweetheart Kristin - 2012 was 20 years
  • Scott and Kristin have two awesome children, Victoria (1995) and Joshua (1999)
  • Currently live in Coats, NC and attend Coats Baptist Church

John Olver
Director of Coaches

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