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November 2014 - Ron Kuhl

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November 2014 - Ron Kuhl


Ron Kuhl - November Coach of the Month



Years Coaching:

Current team:

Clifton Park, NY


Professional Hockey Instructor: Hockey Hut

Chosen Attribute (Teamwork, Excellence, Serving, and Integrity): Integrity

Why is this attribute important to you?

Without it the goals you achieve will be empty. If you say you will do something then you need to get it done with the utmost integrity. As God has begun the transformation of my heart and along with the accountability his presence has brought to my life, living a Godly life of integrity has actually become easier!!!

What is your favorite scripture verse? Why is this important to you?

I love Proverbs. Any time I feel as though I may be slipping or I have a decision to make or if I’m faced with a tough situation I turn to proverbs. It’s important to me because of its clarity and simplicity. It is the perfect road map to being a strong person and shows example after example on how to live out your faith.

Who is your favorite coach outside of hockey? Why?

I had always admired Bill Parcells and Pat Riley. They provided leadership when there was none in their early careers. They had a plan and stuck with it. Their inner confidence and belief in what they were doing was extraordinary. Add Tony Dungy’s drive with a biblical approach and faith to coaching and those are the three men that I admire.

What is your dream coaching job (if different than your current position)? 

I have had the privilege of coaching every level of team/player from Mites to Bantams, from Midgets to Junior and College and I train professionals. My dream coaching job would be for the opportunity to focus on one coaching job for an entire season. For my entire career while I was coaching I was always running my instructional business. I will always be an instructor but my teams have always been very successful and this was with my time completely split between instructing and coaching. So with that said, a full time coaching job in the Pro, College, USHL, ranks would be an incredible blessing.

Share a recent coaching highlight that you have had.

The power of kids…In Alexandria MN at the FCA camp I opened a skating session with a prayer. In that prayer I asked the Lord to place his hand of healing on my friend Laurie who is battling cancer. The next day I had a 9 year old boys skate up to me after the session was over and said to me, “Coach, I just want you to know I prayed for your friend last night before I went to bed”. Awesome!!!

Tell us a little bit about your coaching philosophy. Why do you coach?  Who is a coach who had a big impact on you?  What ways are you able to make an impact for Jesus at the ice rink?

Player development. That is my philosophy. If I focus on the building of the finer points of the athlete, the individual success of that player will take care of itself and thus the team will ultimately be successful. I currently train NHL player Brian Lashoff from the Detroit Redwings, Pierre Leblond from WBS (AHL) and Peter MacArthur (German Elite League), and many high level Junior and Prep players. I also train 5 year old Tom Belyl, 6 year old Josh Belbusti and 7 year old Declan Corcoran. They’re all equally important to me and to my mission. My faith has certainly forced me to work on a strong weakness, the sharpness of my tongue. I choose my words much more wisely and keep the focus on the positives and the importance of the individual and their growth and worth, not mine.

I’m trying to be a living example of my faith. I have the ability to speak wisdom with a kind heart every day and really live by example. I’m becoming bolder every day and I have had such a tremendous time feeling God work on my heart that I want my students to see it and also have it!!!

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