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Penalty Kill 2017

The Penalty Kill is a resource of FCA Hockey meant to communicate the Gospel and spiritual truths.  It is our hope that through these devotions and testimonies people will understand that by His work on the cross and resurrection Jesus Christ killed the penalty we incurred - offering forgiveness to anyone who calls on His name. 


Peak High Velocity Part 1 - "Physically, All In"

"Recently I was coaching my hockey team between periods, at the end of my one minute talk, I said let’s go! My team shouted “All In!” After the game, I was reflecting on what this chant “All In” means to me and how the team perceived these words..."


"Sports lend themselves to the dramatic. In baseball there’s the walk-off home run. In basketball, it’s the 30-footer at the buzzer in a tie game. In football it’s the goal-line stand on the last series of the game..."

Making The Cut

"Right now there are players all over the country trying out for different teams at various levels. Junior hockey players are either at a “final camp” or are entering a “training camp”. College hockey players are coming together on different campuses to begin the new season and school year..."

Penalty Kill Monthly Archive

Penalty Kill Devotional Packet & Warrior's Prayer

Below is a link for a 12 part devotional of Penalty Kill devotions - a collection of year one highlights - and our FCA Hockey Warrior's Prayer.