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Pond Hockey

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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     FCA Hockey Father - Son pond hockey tournament is back in Raleigh, NC!

    For those not familiar with Pond Hockey - it's a simplified way to play hockey.  Its usually played on outdoor ponds, hence the name, but can be played on any ice surface.  There is no contact and there are no goalies, the nets are small and vary from tournament to tournament, but will have open space to 'shoot' at that is approximately 24" wide and only a few inches tall.  It provides a fun venue to get on the ice and enjoy some hockey!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I have more than 1 son?  You can register a 3 player group but larger groups will not work.   

Can I play with my daughter?  Yes, you can.

What do we wear?  Pick the same color jerseys or shirts to wear (try to pick something unique if possible).

Can my son play if I don’t skate?  Please talk to your tournament organizer to find an older player to team up with your son. 

What skill level should we sign up under?  By rule, try to play down to the level of your weakest player.

Can I play on 2 teams?  We cannot guarantee that you would not have a conflict so we ask that each player only plays on one team.

What equipment is needed?  Helmet, gloves, shin pads for adults, full equipment for players under 18.

Is there an age limit?  We recommend players being 6 and older.

2014 Pond Hockey Tourn