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September 2014 Derek Eisler

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September 2014 Derek Eisler

Derek Eisler - September Coach of the Month



Years Coaching:

Current team:

Oakland, CA


Stockton Colts

Chosen Attribute (Teamwork, Excellence, Serving, and Integrity): Goal is to have all in my life.  Serving, is Coaching.

Why is this attribute important to you?

Serving, it is not about what I’m doing that is the most important thing, not my resume I’m concerned with. It is the players and the Families that invest the time in continuing to come to the rink, and supply me with the opportunity to coach and mentor them, success in built by recognizing everyone’s investment. My goal is serving them to have them strive for that success.

What is your favorite scripture verse? Why is this important to you?

Colossians 1:9 - For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. 

I pray, and think so much about people whom are around me, players, parents, other coaches. I pray that everyone understands a bigger picture of steps to playing hockey, and living life. In the immediate gratifying world we live in, people want to see things quicker, make steps faster, for me the key word in that verse is Knowledge, what is takes to view things that have a great purpose and greater expectation then even I do as their coach. Develop in a rate that gives them the understanding of patients with steps. God guides them. And I hope the way that I carry myself shows that, God’s will is upon me and directing me, and be a strong coach and mentor for them in their development process.

Who is your favorite coach outside of hockey? Why?

Jim Tressel—I was gifted his book my first year that I was in China with the China Sharks in the Asian Hockey League. We have most recently opened it back up again to use his Block O goal sheet. I think that young people can grow so much by using tools like those in their lives; we have left it all in tacked. There is a piece or segment in there that have Spiritual/Morals. This is going to challenge the young minds and see early in there lives that Choices matter. CANNOT wait

What is your dream coaching job (if different than your current position)? 

Work with USA Hockey, have a goal of coaching with our National Program. Have tried and will always continue to try to work for our governing body. That is my dream coaching job.

Share a recent coaching highlight that you have had.

U8 player jumping for joy because he made the Mite team that we were putting together. All the players made that team. But he was so excited. If every player was so joyous about playing it would always be a highlight.

Tell us a little bit about your coaching philosophy. Why do you coach?  Who is a coach who had a big impact on you?  What ways are you able to make an impact for Jesus at the ice rink?

Coach to help motivate people to be there best, have great habits and to enjoy the work they are putting in. Having faith is hard work, it is a daily occurrence in life, it is no different then anything. Jesus wants us to be his disciple, to keep our faith strong we have to get close to him, he draws us closer and closer. A coach can be the same for a player, the players trust lies in the knowledge that the coach will put time into correcting mistakes, to be forgiving, to be there when the player fails. Big difference is player and coach are both sinners, my faith rests in Jesus, and I know that the families and players around me understand that.

Chuck Grillo has had the biggest impact on my life, I have grown to appreciate the chance that he gave me, the opportunity that he opened. And the courage to strive and work hard no matter what level you are at, people are people and they all want to be cared for. He helped me greatly, with this. Do the same thing over and over, don’t waiver. Just let people understand you care.

FCA New Testaments, have made a huge impact. It opens so much common ground. Gives a opportunity for Jesus to dwell. Also, speaking of Jesus, with people that are regulars in the building seeing them enjoy being here. Have a goal of really starting a bible study, we have had bits and pieces happen but nothing sustainable. God has a perfect plan for our Ice Arena, and I just have to be open to seeing where it leads. But Jesus is here always.


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1. Sergey wrote:
I agree with what Murmac has stated. Assuming the reiianmng group is four or larger, then I would be willing to go-ahead if the team decides to do so. I would note my observation of the missing team members and confirm it with the team. It may be they know something I don’t and the team was restructured so this is the team. If in fact there are missing members, then Murmac’s approach about impact makes sense to me. I would probably be broader and not narrow it down to just objectives, and then I would want to know how the team will move forward. If they make up a groundrule regarding attendance, or other groundrules, then I would want to make sure these got reported. When actions are taken I would be ready to intervene if there are no actions regarding missing members or sharing groundrules. I wouldn’t suggest an action but try to create the awareness of the opportunity and let the group make the determination.

Thu, March 26, 2015 @ 3:00 PM

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