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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Warrior Fellowship Survival Training



2018 Warrior Fellowship Details

Where:    Gooseberry Training Area, Salina, UT
 When:     June 6-10
 Who:       16 -24 Pro / College & Junior players (Initial slots will be offer to pro players first, then college and junior)

Cost: $225 per player plus travel to Utah (cost covers all meals, lodging, travel to camp and some equipment)

Join former Army Ranger Instructor SFC Mike McKinney and FCA Hockey Director Rick Randazzo as they lead the 3nd annual Warrior Fellowship Survival training in Southern Utah.  Training will include day and night land navigation, individual and team tactics, force on force simunitions and long distance team stress event.  Training will be physically and mentally challenging for all athletes as you will be pushed beyond your limits. 

While challenged both physically and mentally, each athlete will grow spiritually as we discuss what it means to "Be a Warrior for Christ".  Daily devotions, quiet time reflection and group worship will strengthen each athletes relationship to our Creator.

Travel information

Please plan to arrive in Utah (Salt Lake City Airport) by Tuesday June 5th (between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm) or by Wed June 6th (before 11:00 am).  We will make 2 airport pick ups, the one Tuesday night will bring players back to Eden, Utah for the night before heading back to the airport for the 11:00 pick up on Wed. 

Depart – Flights out on Sunday after 4:00 pm on June 10.


What is Warrior Fellowship?

    Warrior Fellowship is a ministry outreach to grow our athletes in Biblical manhood through fellowship and adventure - allowing men who love God to break their routine, to challenge themselves physically and mentally while being renewed spiritually by their brothers in Christ.   

    This year's event will challenge each athlete as we replicate training given to our nations top soldiers, in a safe environment, by trained and qualified instructors.   Our idea is to push our minds, bodies and spirits and learn how to become true Warriors for Christ, arming ourselves with military tactics while growing stronger in God's word. 

    It's our prayer that you will join us and become a "Radical Man of God" - not forsaking meeting together, but encouraging each other all the more as time draws closer to our Lord returning. 

Below is a snapshot of the tentative schedule we will be following as well as some of the activities we will be completing during the time together.

- 0500 - 0600 - Morning Devotionals and Breakfast

- 0700 - 1200 - Training (Land Navigation, Field Craft, Team Tactics, Weapons training)

- 1200 - 1300 - Lunch / Huddles

- 1300 - 1800 - Group Exercises on skills learned (Force on Force operations)

- 1800 - 1930 - Dinner / Chapel / Worship

- 1930 - 2200 - Night Operations (Land Navigation, Surveillance missions)

- 2300 - Team Time / Fellowship Time


What you will need for training...

1. A broken in pair of boots

2. 3 pairs of cargo pants

3. Leather gloves

4. A pocket knife and flashlight

5. A backpack and camel back

6. A sleeping bag

Things that we will provide :

1. A Silva Ranger Compass and protractor

2. A tactical assault pack

3. Digital Woodland BDU's (one pair)

3. All meals and all transportation from Salt Lake Airport

4. Military Gear like weapons, sim rounds, camo stick, sand bags, etc.