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Welcome to FCA Hockey

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Welcome to FCA Hockey

The FCA Hockey Team is excited to build on our strong foundation of Igniting the Hockey World for Jesus Christ. With initiatives at all levels, from youth hockey to college to the NHL and even to Adult Hockey and International, FCA Hockey is reaching athletes and coaches and the communities they serve in new ways. Read on for the latest news on the coolest FCA Sports Ministry around!

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Latest Penalty Kill Devotion

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Written by: Ken Paulin, Jr. As athletes, we want to prepare our bodies and minds so we are able to play at our full potential. Therefore, we not only train on the ice/field, but we also build off-ice strength and conditioning into our training programs. The process of building up our strength involves a cycle where we work hard, feel pain, tear down (our muscle fibers), and build up our strength and endurance by supplementing our diets with water, protein, amino acids, etc.The building of o...  Read More...

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Coach of the Month

  • July 2016 - Joe Adams

    Joe AdamsCoaches Current Team / Previous Teams: Orange Lutheran High SchoolYears Coaching: 1Coaches Hometown: Anaheim, CAChosen Attribute: ServingWhy is this attribute important to you?As a follower of Christ, I feel called to take a posture of servitude in my daily life. For the “Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many” (Matt. 20:28).   Read More...

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Athlete of the Month

  • Kevin Fellows

    Kevin FellowsTeam: Prior Lake High School VarsityPosition: CenterBirth Year: 1998Height: 5'10"Weight: 175 lbsChosen Attributes: TeamworkWhy is this important to you?Teamwork is, without a doubt, an integral part of having success in athletics and in life. Working together with your teammates and coaches allows for significant progress and achievements to be accomplished, often at an accelerated pace. Good teammates know their strengths, demonstrate them consistently and do everything p...  Read More...

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Get your copy of "A Warrior's Prayer."

Consider printing some copies and hand out to your teammates. Another idea is to gather your teammates together before a game or practice and pray this together.

Prayer is powerful and effective. It should never be our last resort; it should be our first action. 

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Hear from Pro Player Gary Steffes about Faith and Hockey

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