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Warrior Fellowship Survival/ Leadership Training

Ever wonder if you have what it takes? Our Warrior Fellowship training will push you (or your team) further than you ever thought you could go mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our team of specially trained instructors have trained thousands of elite soldiers and athletes around the world and would like to share this experience with you.

Individual Warrior

Join and push your mind, body and soul to become a true warrior of Christ.


Team Warriors

We can design a 1-3 day course for your group that pushes them to an extreme level.


What Is Warrior Fellowship?

Warrior Fellowship is a survival and leadership training course as well as a team building experience that pushes athletes and teams to a level few have experienced. By creating an environment of high stress and physical exhaustion, athletes are forces to dig deep into their inner selves and learn how to overcome personal and team challenges. Upon completion of the training, athletes have gained confidence in how to overcome any obstacle that life may ever throw at them.

In addition to the hands on training, athletes will participate in one workshop that consists of several sessions designed to build their individual foundation.

Our staff consists of former military officers, sports psychologist and noncommissioned officers as well as former college and high school coaches.


Our Staff

Rick Randazzo

Rick is the acting director of FCA Hockey and a former division 1 college hockey player and college coach. Rick spent 6 years in the US Army as a Calvary Officer and earned the coveted “Ranger Tab” in 1994.

Mike McKinney

Mike McKinney spent 10 years in the U.S. Army where he served as a Ranger with the 1/75 Ranger Bn. and as a Ranger Instructor. Following his military career Mike began a career in law enforcement and has currently worked in this field for 20 years. Mike has worked at the county, state, and currently the federal level with a background primarily in SWAT / backcountry tactics and narcotic investigations. Mike currently is a supervisor for a federal law enforcement agency where oversees Special Agents that conduct criminal investigations primarily in remote areas. He also runs a backcountry tactical course where he trains law enforcement officers from all areas of the country and Canada.

Todd Lohstreter

Todd started Warrior Fellowship while on staff with FCA Hockey. After a successful college hockey career, Todd spent 6 years leading soldiers in the Marine Corps and saw combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Todd has a real heart for developing leaders and training them on how to perform in stressful environments.

Troy Cropp

Troy Cropp has dedicated his professional life to pursuing excellence. His career path guided him to gain tremendous proficiency in training, motivating, & leading teams/operations in: business, athletics & the military. Professionally, Troy is the CEO of a successful insurance agency and has led 3 successful start-ups. As the head high school coach, Troy turned around a football program that won a state title under his leadership. Troy attributes much of his success to the skills, dedication, & determination he learned while serving 4 years in the US Army Rangers. Troy is very grateful to have an amazing family; including a wonderful wife and two children.

Dave Jones

Dave grew up in Western Pennsylvania and spent most of his early childhood and adult life in and out of hockey rinks around the world. For over 13 years, Dave has worked NHL, NFL, Track and Field, and Crossfit athletes with their mental preparation, and hundreds of organizational leaders and executives around the world. As a thought leader and highly motivated individual, Dave engages executive teams by consulting on analytics, oversight of talent initiatives, and one-on-one coaching. Dave and his wife Laura currently reside in Raleigh, NC and together, and have two young boys.



The Warrior Fellowship was an unbelievable experience for our players and coaches! It was challenging mentally and physically and very rewarding spiritually! The challenges of the weekend allowed our team to work with each other not only to work hard but to work together! The majority of our players said it was the most difficult yet rewarding retreat that we had been involved in. The challenges we faced as a team during the weekend have been a major part of building our foundation for this season! In 17 years of coaching college hockey this is by far the best weekend to set a strong foundation for our hockey program! I recommend Warrior Fellowship to any player or coach looking to grow mentally, physically and most important spiritually!

- 17 year College Head Coach

"Warrior fellowship camp to me meant learning what it is to be a true man of God. I was deeply blessed and inspired to be around such an amazing group of brothers and leaders who pushed me to be all that I can be, both spiritually and physically. I'll never forget the time I had and how much we bonded this week. Thank you FCA hockey for the opportunity to be part of this experience."

- Professional Player

The Warrior Fellowship was by far one of the most challenging and most satisfying activities I have faced. I was challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. As a leader I was pushed outside of my comfort zone. I learned that as a leader I do not need to always be the one with the answers, but one who communicates clearly and takes ownership of the team’s actions. As hockey players we know that you cannot just work hard; you have to work smart too. The challenges faced in the Warrior Fellowship forced us to think critically and outside of the box or we would fail.

Without question our team grew closer together. Not only were we required to physically exert ourselves but we also had the opportunity to pray and open the Bible together. With Christ at the foundation of it all it was a great reminder that no man, no matter how tough, is anything a part from Christ. The staff was intentional in our team building conversations and gave us a chance to clearly set expectations for our team’s character. There was blood, sweat and tears shed. The best part about it all was that I was able to do things I have never done before with my teammates. We learned to will each other through anything that was thrown our way.

- College Player