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Elite Goalie Camp

FCA Hockey Elite Goalie Camp

FCA Hockey is partnering with longtime Canadian friend Jack O'Halloran and his goalie school H2H Goaltending to host this years "Elite Goalie Camp".  The camp will run in conjunction with our Advanced hockey skills training camp in Alexandria, MN.  Here's a link to Jack's website to check out more information 

This camp is intended to help advanced 13 - 19yo (03-97) goalies prepare (mentally, physically and spiritually) for juniors, college or pro level play. Jack is assembling a team of coaches and athletes currently playing or coaching at those levels. Each is hand selected for not only their hockey skill, experience and knowledge, but also for their character. The camp will be small to facilitate better training and personal coaching. Our goal is to help your son reach his full potential as a goalie.

     1. Male
     2. 13 - 19 years old (03-97)
     3. Have played at the AA, AAA or Junior level

- Elite Camp means that only 8 - 12 goalies will be selected to attend this camp based on age, skill level, & experience.

- Those attending the goalie camp can expect the following:

  • 60 min am ice - technique/pre game warm-up/ mental prep
  • 90 min pm ice for shots and situation game play
  • 60 min classroom - "Mind" the net
  • 60 min off ice - dryland/ work-out
  • Coaches Corner - skate sharpening/equipement customization/making a scouting video/ what scouts look for
  • Small group huddles, devotions and personal time to grow players faith in the Lord 

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the below application. 

Goalies not selected are encouraged to attend the skills camp. They will receive individual goalie specific coaching from a goalie coach and they will be worked very hard on and off the ice - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you are flying your son in. Alexandria is 2 hrs and 45 min from MSP. However, there is a very nice shuttle service that will transport him/them from MSP to the Perkins Restaurant HWY 29 S in Alexandria. I will have a van running back and forth to camp. Here's things you need to ensure:

1. I need to know your flight/shuttle plans - Here's the number to call to buy tickets and schedule the shuttle (Executive Express - (888)-522-9899 or click here for the website - https://www.executiveexpress.b...

2. Scott knows your travel plans so I can make sure your son gets picked up at Perkins. just email me 

Flight Times:
Arrive MSP Thur. June 14, before 9:15 am in order to catch the  10:15 am shuttle.
Depart MSP Sunday June 17, no earlier than 8:30 pm. 3:15 pm shuttle to MSP. 

Goalie Camp Specifics

Jun 14 - 17

     Males Only
     Ages 13 - 19 (03-97)
     Must have played at AA, AAA or Juniors level

     June 14, 2:00 pm
     Runestone Comm Cntr
     802 3rd Ave W
     Alexandria, MN

Cost:   $925

Camp Ends:
June 17 - 3:00 pm (2:30 for those needing to catch the 3:15 shuttle)

What you can expect from this camp....

The goal for the camp is to help develop a well rounded goalie, with confidence and skills both on and off the ice. Topics of study will include:

  • Goaltending mechanics and techniques
  • Intense physical training
  • Mental preparation
  • Motivational principles and concepts
  • Nutrition and supplement information
  • Injury prevention and treatment
  • Cooking like an athlete
  • Adversity and opportunity